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How To Get a DJ Residency

How To Get a DJ Residency | Everything That You Should Know

Want to get a DJ residency? Here is an ultimate guide for you that will surely make things easier for you. No doubt, performing consistently in front of a particular crowd is the best way to develop advanced DJing skills and to take your career to the next level of DJing. If you want to earn those skills and exposure, there is no better option than a local residency. Today, I’m going to share

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organize your music

An Ultimate Guide To Organize Your Music Library

Want to know how to organize your music library like a pro? Here we will help you to proceed with ease. The music library is one of the core stuff of DJing, and it’s crucial to keep your library organized and updated. Organizing your music library will allow you to pick and play any song without wasting any time in searching for a particular track. When it comes to classifying music library, most of

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Film Yourself DJing

A Guide To Film Yourself DJing

Ever wanted to film yourself DJing? If yes then today we will help you to do so professionally.   If you want to share your DJ creativity with the world online, you will find no other better platform than YouTube or Dailymotion. Well, most of the DJs don’t know how to record and produce great performances. If you’re one of them, here I’m going to help you and teach you how to film yourself

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Produce Your Own Music Being A DJ

Step By Step Guide To Produce Your Own Music Being A DJ

Want to know how to produce your own music being a DJ? Well, it’s not that tough and today will make things more comfortable for you.   Don’t you think DJing has become common now, especially among youngsters? I mean every third guy in a group of 6 is DJing. So, what makes a difference between a pro and other DJs? Obviously, it’s own music production. So, do you want to proceed with that

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How to scratch

A Step By Step Guide To Learn How To Scratch

Want to learn how to scratch as a DJ? Here we will teach you and provide you with a step by step pro guide. But before we proceed to learn how to scratch as a DJ, I need to clear some crucial points. That’s if you’re looking for some shortcut scratch learning process, probably here you’re on the wrong page. Fact is, there are no such shortcuts that can make you a pro scratcher,

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Hook up CDJ

A Guide To Hook Up CDJs To Your Laptop In HID Mode

Want to know how to hook up CDJs to your laptop in HID mode? Here you have arrived at the right webpage. Today we will explain and provide you with a guide that will help you to hook up CDJs to your laptop in HID mode.   Whether you’re a beginner or a pro DJ, this post will undoubtedly deliver some beneficial information to you, so read this post till the end to get

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is age an issue with djing

Age Vs. DJing: Is Age A Barrier Or Another DJing Weapon To Succeed?

  Hey, are you the guy or men considering your age as the most significant barrier to get into DJing? Here you’ve arrived at the right webpage. Today we will explain to you the impact of age on newbies who are planning to get into DJing but age factor holding them back from proceeding.   What Do You Think Age Is, Especially when it comes to Djing? First of all, it’s important to know

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find the best dj

How to Find the Best DJ in Your Town

In today’s world, there are plenty of options in different professions. Whether you are looking for a good travel agent, a lawyer, a doctor or even a personal health trainer, you find yourself surrounded by a pile of options of service providers and individuals promoting them as a brand. Similarly, finding a DJ is not an easy task. You often get confused in about the options already available to you. And when you make

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